Good news for those who need help passing the Qualifying Examination or the Certifying Examination of the American Board of Surgery

If you have failed the Qualifying Examination or the Certifying Examination of the American Board of Surgery, I can help. I understand that you may be in practice presently, know what you are doing, but cannot pass exams because you're "not a good exam taker." Or, perhaps you're in practice, know what you're doing, but are ill-prepared for the examinations because your residency program did not give you proper guidance on how to prepare for and succeed on the examinations.

Learn what they want you to know

Discover the best ways to approach and succeed on the multiple choice questions of the American Board of Surgery Qualifying Examination using sound educational principles. You will get instructions and practice one-on-one for the best ways to present yourself and your practical knowledge to achieve success on the American Board of Surgery Certifying Examination.

Get the help you need now

I am an experienced surgeon having practiced the full gamut of General Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care (certified and re-certified in all these fields by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery). I have over 35 years of experience in surgical education as an Assistant Program Director, Associate Program Director, and Program Director in both community and academic settings with a proven record of effective program remediation and teaching awards. I take every exam I can, including ABSITE every year!

A customized program that helps you pass

Hundreds of surgeons have passed the Board exams using this program. Some of those whom I've helped have had a single failure, others as many as four failed attempts. By taking a careful look at your educational history and review of your prior examination performance, I prepare an individual guided study program. With weekly tutoring sessions in person (or by SKYPE for those outside the New York Metropolitan area) I monitor your progress and address your weak areas.

Warren D. Widmann, MD
Education: Yale University
School of Medicine

Dear Dr. Widmann,
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help this past year. I couldn’t have done this without you. I truly appreciate the confidence you gave me to help overcome these final academic hurdles. I hope the rest of your mentees have as much success as I have had! Thanks again!
Dear Dr. Widmann,
Again, I cannot thank you enough for helping me complete my surgical education! Because of your kindness, expertise and exacting nature, I took to referring to you as “Coach” among family and friends. 
Dear Dr. Widmann,
Thank you so much for your help passing the ABSITE qualifying exam and now Board exam. Your sessions have helped me focus on the most important information. 
Dear Dr. Widmann,
Thank you so much for your help. It has been invaluable and has taught me more than any book could have and even many things we had not learned in residency. 


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